Product Update  |  Summer 2020

News for Summer 2020

As we all adjust to the "new normal", adoption and usage of Qwil Messenger continues to accelerate. We now have users in most time zones and a growing number of sizeable companies, including the UK's largest financial adviser, St. James's Place , taking advantage of our service offering.

This summer we are excited to announce the release of a number of new features and enhancements. There is a lot more on our roadmap as per our product plan including developing secure video and conference calls and connecting businesses to each other (B2B2C). Stay tuned for further updates.

Web release 1.7

Our designers and engineers have been working hard to bring you a major upgrade to our web application. This release includes a total overhaul of the web user interface to improve the experience for all users, but particularly administrators. Data entry has been improved with format masks and defaults (e.g. secure contact numbers) making it easier to use, with support and links to our online help.

Improved user setup

Managing your users and their contacts is now more intuitive. Searching and updating contact groups has been enhanced with the CSV import tool now also supporting group membership changes.

iPad friendly

iPad users can now use the web app on a mobile chrome browser in addition to the iPhone app. Chatting and sharing documents will be easier from these larger mobile device.

Universal search

Web app users will now have access to a single powerful universal search that make locating information easier.

Username login

Users will now have a choice to create their own friendly username as an alternative to their Qwil ID generated upon account creation.

Flexible user and group import tools

Already have a list of your clients and their contact details? Use our import tool to automatically invite them to join you to chat. You can also import a contact group for each client relationship and update the contact group members via a CSV import process so you can have the right team members available to your clients. Learn more

Improved native desktop apps

Our new native desktop applications for Windows and Mac operating systems can now be downloaded from our site. Notifications for Windows users can be enabled via a system tray service that runs even when the app has been closed.

Enhanced integration

Integrating Qwil is now even easier with a number of API enhancements that we have made. This includes providing the ability for a client's record on a CRM system (such as Salesforce) to display a real-time view of all their chats in Qwil.

Some of our larger clients have also taken full advantage of our entity service API endpoints by configuring their Salesforce application to be used to manage the user and contact group administration functions.

Updated help centre

Our help centre for end users is continuously updated ( ) based on user feedback and as we roll out new features. This is intended for both administrators (for help with the initial setup and deployment) at your organisation as well as your end staff and client users. Please ensure your staff are aware of this site and direct your users here for answers in the first instance.

Get in touch

We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better. We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements. Please send us a chat on Qwil Messenger, leave your details on our site or email us .

All features included in this announcement are subject to change. You are receiving this communication because you are listed as a Qwil Messenger administrator or are a registered business contact for your organisation for our product. Let us know if you no longer want to receive these communications.