Product Update  | Summer 2019

News for Summer 2019

The team at Qwil Messenger has been very busy since our last update. Most importantly, we have added a number of product features that enable customers to fully leverage and monetise our platform in their business.

This not only includes out-of-the-box integrations and connectors with popular products such as Salesforce and Microsoft Active Directory, but we also provide extensive API access to support countless integration scenarios.

As a reminder, all of our customer success documentation is available on our secure site and is updated as features are added.

Qwil Messenger for Salesforce

Our Qwil Messenger for Salesforce app is now available and free for our Enterprise customers. We are proud to be integrated with the leading CRM solution which is a critical part of many of our customer's enterprise architecture. The app allows your staff users to (a) instantly start chats with their clients from within salesforce, and (b) to log their chats as activities in Salesforce. Contact us to download the managed package.  See the integration in action in our demo video .

Open APIs

Enterprise customers can now integrate Qwil Messenger with their other systems via a full set of open APIs. Building upon our initial data export capabilities, secure API keys can be created to automate the system administration use cases, whilst user keys can be generated to access the chat capabilities. This includes creating and sending chats (containing both text and attachments) to users on behalf of other users. Using the APIs and the user record identity values, a high degree of conversation automation is possible. Customers can also take advantage of the our system actor, the Chat Butler, to send outbound notifications/updates to any user when a direct response is not required.

Active Directory Sync

Our AD sync connector can now be deployed to ensure that staff user access rights maintained in Active Directory (as a single source for staff access permissions) are correctly replicated into Qwil Messenger. This connector ensures that your centrally managed Leaver/Mover/Joiner process can be extended to include Qwil Messenger.

Archive Chat

Users can now archive their chat threads. On web and mobile, archiving setting can be modified from within the chat details section. On mobile, users can also archive chats by accessing a swipe left shortcut. The archive process removes the thread from the user's main chat list on all devices and places it in the archived chats folder. If an archived chat receives a new message it automatically returns to the main chat list. However, if the archived chat is muted (i.e. notifications are disabled) it will remain in the archive. Archived chats can also be manually unarchived.

Major Android Update

Our latest Android app has been released. Like our iOS app, our Android app is now faster, smoother and ready for additional features. Users can now swipe left on certain items to access action shortcuts (such as muting a chat or removing participants) as well as managing their authorised devices from the settings screens. “Is typing” is now shown in the header, and notification indicators have been redesigned to be more prominent, and to work across organisations.

Native Desktop App

Our native desktop app for either Windows and Mac can now be installed by directly downloading the installation package for your operating system from our website.

New Pricing for Smaller Firms

As a firm, we have now further automated our sales process with our partners DocuSign and Onfido and, as such, have introduced pricing for smaller firms who want to get on board quickly with an out-of-the-box solution. Firms of up to 10 staff users can now subscribe to their own tenancy on Qwil Messenger for a flat fee of £10 /month. Visit our website for more details.

Company News

We have been selected as a finalist to present to 1500 C-suite participants at Finovate Fall this September in New York.  You can find out more on our company news and articles pages.

Get in touch

We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better. We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements.

Please send us a chat on Qwil Messenger or email us .

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