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You Asked, We Delivered: New Features

Qwil Messenger was designed to not only be secure and compliant but, more importantly, be intuitive to use for staff and clients. We are constantly updating and improving our platform based on user experience and your feedback.

Outlined below are the details of the upcoming release including the most requested features: receiving an email reminder for unread messages, and Salesforce integration for automatically logging chats and managing invites.

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Making sure messages are received and read

Receiving notifications across devices are key to ensuring your important messages are read. In addition to push notification and prompts to download the applications, users will now receive an email if they are not logged into Qwil on at least one device.

Email fallback

Any user who has not read a message after a configurable time frequency (default 15 minutes), will receive an email reminder with a link to access Qwil Messenger directly.

A new tab under account settings will enable users to adjust the frequency.

Desktop download

Qwil browser users will now be prompted to download the desktop app . This will enhance the user experience and ensure notifications are received.

Any links to Qwil Messenger (copy link or email fall back) will direct the user to the desktop app if installed.

Mobile download

Ensure your clients receiving notifications on their mobile by sending them a text with "Download Qwil Messenger mobile app "

The link will direct them to the right appstore and they just need to enter their credentials.

Log out screen - are you sure?

An extra logout confirmation screen has been added as staff and clients were logging out of Qwil instead of closing the application by exiting the browser. This meant notifications were missed and credentials / SMS needed to log back in.

Note. The "Log Out" option should still be used if you are using a public or shared computer.

Email invite error notifications

You will now be notified if an email invitation cannot be delivered and bounces. This could be due to an invalid email address or if the recipient's inbox was full. A link to the user page will enable you to correct or resend. Learn more

Salesforce integration

With the introduction of our new connector, customers can seamlessly manage chats with their clients directly from Salesforce as part of their existing workflows. They can:

  • Create and manage invitations to Qwil Messenger from within Salesforce.
  • Initiate chats from within Salesforce and have one-click access to existing chats, transcripts and the associated attachments.
  • Review chats automatically against a client's record in Salesforce.

Contact us if you would like to deploy our Salesforce connector. Find out more .

Loading clients from existing database

So you've invited a few clients already manually. Great. Now you can easily import all your clients using data from your existing database which will save you a lot of time!

Simply download to Excel all your client's first and last name, email, mobile number. You can then paste in the data in our two Excel templates for Contact Groups CSV and Clients CSV and import them to Qwil. It is that easy. Find out more here .

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