Product Update  |  Spring 2019

News for Spring 2019

In addition to news about our new product features, we also wanted to share with you our most popular use case many of our customers are discovering - using Qwil Messenger for prospecting and managing client-onboarding.

Many of our customers are integrating Qwil Messenger as a central part of their digital proposition from the point of prospect qualification. Being able to instantly invite prospects to a branded, secure and convenient channel that supports both conversation and document sharing (which also includes explicit data usage consent by all parties) is helping redefine the client experience.

You may also have seen recent news about WhatsApp security vulnerabilities being exposed. Should any of your teams need a refresher on some of the more fundamental issues with social chat apps and GDPR compliance, please refer to our detailed article on the issues.

Please feel free to communicate these updates with your staff, prospects, clients and partners. Remember, all of our customer success documentation is available on our secure site and is updated as features are added.

Major iOS Update

Our new iPhone app has been redesigned, and is now faster, smoother and ready for additional features. Users can now swipe left on certain items to access action shortcuts (such as muting a chat or removing participants) as well as managing their authorised devices from the settings screens. “Is typing” is now shown in the header, and notification indicators have been redesigned to be more prominent, and to work across organisations. An updated Android app will follow shortly.

Profile Pictures and Availability Status

From the profile screen on the mobile app, you can now update your avatar by uploading an image or by taking a selfie using the device camera. We have also enhanced how notifications work when the profile status is set to unavailable: on mobile, now only the app badge is updated with an unread counter and we no longer send push message notifications. On web, you will continue to receive in-browser notifications.

Record and Send Video Clips

The new iOS app now enables you to upload video recordings in addition to pictures - whether this is to take footage of the extent of damage sustained in a motor vehicle accident to send to your insurer, or for added financial transaction verification. As with photos, this content added from within the app does not persist in the device camera roll to meet BYOD requirements for staff users.

Qwil User Interface Integration

You can now easily build front-end integration between all your company apps and Qwil by embedding context-sensitive deep links. These secure links allow your staff or clients to seamlessly initiate a new chat that can include a pre-defined chat title, 1 or more participants, and draft first message text from another application (for example staff from a CRM system or a client from an online portal).

Enhanced Search

Our web app now includes keyword searching within a chat. Staff with Data Review permissions (such as your compliance team) now have more advanced search capabilities including searching for attachment names sent via chats. These users can even share search results and messages with other colleagues who have the same permissions using deep links.

Staff Security Profile Updates

Your staff users can now be assigned one of three distinct role profiles. Staff administrators can manage user and group data for your organisation. System Administrators can perform these actions as well as managing the settings for your organisation (e.g. branding, terms of use, organisational settings and API keys). They also have the ability to assign the role permission to any staff profile for data reviewer access. You can find out more on our detailed permissions summary on our customer success site.

Company News

As a company, we continue to go from strength to strength. Since our last update, we were selected to present to 1400 c-suite participants at Finovate Europe 2019, we participated in the F10 incubator P3 program in Zurich, we signed a partnership agreement with Swiss software giant Avaloq, and we became one of the faces of the DocuSign’s latest advertising campaign. Most recently, we were selected as part of the second cohort of FinTech firms to join Velocity, the IA’s innovation hub and FinTech accelerator for the buy-side and asset management industry. You can find out more on our company news and articles pages.

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We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better. We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements.

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