Product Update  |  Spring 2020

News for Spring 2020

In the space of just a few weeks, businesses have had to rethink their ways of working internally and with clients. Face-to-face conversations are now off the table and digital channels, such as Qwil Messenger, are helping firms adjust their engagement models according to the new reality. Security and compliance remain essential but tools also need to be intuitive to use by both staff and clients and able to be rapidly deployed.

Since our last update, adoption and usage of Qwil Messenger has accelerated and will soon reach 2,600 organisations from major financial institutions and advisory networks through to schools, charities and associations.

Watch our latest demo

We recently hosted a webinar that demonstrates the current and future capabilities of our platform including the use of bots and automated messaging (see below for more details).

Qwil Messenger Webinar

Capita teams up to cater for demand

Capita has teamed up with Qwil Messenger to offer a "rapid launch" proposition for wealth management and private banking clients. The intention is to help get clients live in a matter of weeks, to drive adoption and to enable them to generate immediate benefits all for a fixed price. Find out more from the Capita team .

Automated messaging has arrived

The first of a number of simple to use, excel-based tools to automate messaging via Qwil has arrived. Our chat butler toolkit allows an authorised user to automatically send messages to groups of users via the butler. See the tool in action in our demo video .

Qwil Messenger Chat Butler Excel Toolkit

Team-based chats

Qwil Messenger now supports providing services to clients via a pool of resources (team) which can be added to the address book of both internal and external users. Team users can co-ordinate support and servicing conversations including adding relevant staff users in the same way as a call contact centre.

Qwil customer service and support

We often get asked about how we approach support and servicing. Our online services are available for you: Qwil Status, Qwil Support for FAQs as well as our secure Customer Documentation site.

Qwil Status - service availability

You can now check Qwil status ( ) which monitors our service uptime around-the-clock and any reported problems experienced with service availability.

Qwil Support - FAQs

Qwil support ( ) is our end-user support site where you can find all of the answer to frequently asked questions. This is intended for both administrators (for help with the initial setup and deployment) at your organisation as well as your end staff and client users. Please ensure your staff are aware of this site and direct your users here for answers in the first instance.

Customer documentation site - on request for enterprise customers

As a reminder, all of our customer success documentation is available on our secure site  ( ) and is updated as features are added. Two useful quick start guides have recently been added. Our latest product plans and features can also be viewed here .

Common prospect questions

We often still get asked by many prospective clients some pretty fundamental questions about our proposition and how it differs (and why therefore use Qwil Messenger). Below is a summary for you to help spread the word.

What is wrong with e-mail?

Everyone can create one and send to everyone, that’s why fraudsters love it. You will no doubt have received a phone call, a SMS text, or WhatsApp message from someone impersonating your bank asking for your details, email is the same.

To ensure security, you need to know that each side is who they say they are. Only users invited by your company in Qwil will be able to chat!

What’s wrong with using WhatsApp?

Having WhatsApp installed on your phone can be a GDPR breach as all contacts are sent to the US without consent. More importantly, it is your liability as an employer to control and monitor work channels. You don’t allow staff to use their personal email for work so why put your business at risk if you don’t have to?

How is Qwil different to other collaboration platforms (such as MS Teams or Slack)?

There are some great tools available for internal collaboration but in most cases you will want to also go outside of the firm. We cater for 2 user types, staff and clients, so you coordinate the conversation and decide who can chat with whom.

If you want to be able to securely send documents (50MB) and chat to your clients, we are the tool you need.  Out extensive set of open APIs means you can plug Qwil Messenger into your broader enterprise to automate messaging, integrate staff and client user access management and much, much more.

Get in touch

We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better. We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements. Please send us a chat on Qwil Messenger, leave your details on our site or email us .

All features included in this announcement are subject to change. You are receiving this communication because you are listed as a Qwil Messenger administrator or are a registered business contact for your organisation for our product. Let us know if you no longer want to receive these communications.