Product Update  |  February 2019

News for February 2019

Welcome to our February update. This month's update includes news about our improved customer and end user support material, as well as an overview of new features in the  pipeline.

Please feel free to communicate these updates with your staff, clients and partners. Remember, all of our customer success documention is available on our secure site and is updated as features are added.

Android Notifications

Our Android app launch last month was very well received by customers. However, subject to which model and operating system users are using, there may be additional steps to take on the device to enable notifications for apps such as Qwil Messenger. We have drafted a troubleshooting guide for the most common Android devices and operating systems. We will also add this information to the Chat Butler welcome message for new users.

End User Online Support

We have enhanced our public website support page to supplement our FAQs. This now includes a step-by-step guide for getting setup, troubleshooting tips and a complete user manual for chat users.

Data Reviewer Guide

Qwil administrators can now allow authorised users to search across all of the conversations that have taken place in their organisation. Our data reviewer guide explains how chats can be searched using keywords and results can be filtered by senders, and date/time parameters. Be sure to let your compliance department know they can access this functionality now.

API Integration Guide

We have now published a guide for administrators and developers who want to integrate with Qwil Messenger's API. This includes how API Keys can be created and maintained, and describes the available calls and how to make them successfully. We also provide a sample postman collection file to test with.

New Features Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for new features being added. This includes enhancements to the data reviewer search toolkit, the introduction of "deep linking" behaviour throughout the app, emojis on the web app, as well as chat export and user administration improvements.

Get in touch

We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better. We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements.

Please send us a chat on Qwil Messenger or email us .

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All features included in this announcement are subject to change. You are receiving this communication because you are listed as a Qwil Messenger administrator or are a registered business contact for your organisation for our product. Let us know if you no longer want to receive these communications.