Product Update  |  Autumn 2020

News for Autumn 2020

As thousands of staff users now chat daily with their clients, we naturally get a lot of questions about what Qwil can do and our planned features.

In many cases, the functionality users are looking for already exists and detailed instructions are provided via our help centre . Our support site has close to 2,000 article views a day as firms look to leverage Qwil Messenger further.

The next few months will be exciting for both our customers and us.  A brand new Salesforce connector is now available, as well as team-based client servicing, automated messaging, with secure video conferencing just around the corner.

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Top FAQs

We can help make your organisation not only more secure, but more efficient. Not only can you import all your staff and clients into Qwil, but you can also setup team-based accounts to provide services to clients via a pool of resources.

Can I use Qwil for a team-based workflow?

Qwil Messenger supports providing services to clients via a pooled team of resources. A team user account can be setup and added to the address book of external users who can contact the team for support. Members of the team have their own account that is not directly accessible to clients.

Find out more about team-based servicing on Qwil Messenger .

Can I import all of my clients to Qwil?

You have full flexibility and can invite all users manually or use our Excel CSV template (or even our APIs) to speed up the process.
The method is always the same, invite your staff, create a contact group and assign your staff and then invite a client.

Read our guide to onboarding your users to Qwil Messenger .

New Salesforce connector now available

Our new Salesforce connector is now available. The functionality enables staff users to automatically view all chats with a client directly from within Salesforce.

Users can also start a new chat from within Salesforce and can directly access their chats and any associated transcripts and attachments in Qwil. Authorised staff (such as compliance team members) will also be able to see all chats and access the details directly via the Salesforce interface.

Not using Salesforce?

Not a problem. The detailed technical designs behind this integration can be replicated on other platforms easily. Ask your platform provider...they may already be working on a solution!

Video conferencing coming soon

The wait is nearly over: our video and audio conferencing functionality is planned to be released early next year.

Staff users will be able to initiate calls with clients and other staff with the added security that access will managed directly via the Qwil app. This removes the need to rely on insecure methods (such as email) to deliver invitations and manage participants. Zoombombing cannot occur on Qwil.

Expect all the typical features of Zoom or Microsoft Teams but built for the financial industry. As per chat, you will have full control of your data, hosted in the required jurisdiction with recorded calls stored in your Qwil hosted tenancy.

Our Help Centre for all users

If you use chat in your personal life, you will know how to use Qwil. However, there may be times when you need answers to your questions. Our help centre is here for you. You can easily search for answers to almost any question in addition to getting access to our best practice guides such as how to make Qwil a success in your organisation .

This is intended for both administrators at your organisation as well as your end users (staff and client users). Please ensure your staff are aware of this site and direct your users here for answers in the first instance.

Interested in finding out more?

We have built our technology to scale and be used for everyone, from large international organisations to smaller independent practices. We have pricing plans and features to meet your individual needs.

Our one page product overview can be downloaded here .

We continue to work on making Qwil Messenger even better . We welcome and encourage your feedback on features and enhancements. Please send us a chat on Qwil Messenger, leave your details on our site or email us .

All features included in this announcement are subject to change. You are receiving this communication because you are listed as a Qwil Messenger administrator or are a registered business contact for your organisation for our product. Let us know if you no longer want to receive these communications.